The Author

A self-confessed computer geek and technology nerd, Dr. Lawson  has an avid interest in all forms of new communication technologies. With over 15 years experience as a professional communicator, educator and communication consultant, Dr. Lawson has extensive knowledge of effective education technology practices and is an innovative thinker, who stays on top of current technology trends in an effort to make the most of them -- both in the classroom and out.

Professional Consulting
Over the years Dr. Lawson has created over 25 online courses for universities both in the US and abroad (including Australia and Singapore), her extensive experience in the development of online course materials has led to an active communication consulting career, with a specialization in online education and incorporating technology into the classroom (both higher education and elementary).

In addition to her education technology consulting, Dr. Lawson actively works with companies to evaluate their communication practices, improve public relations outcomes and enhance internal communication.

Dr. Lawson currently works as an Assistant Professor of Communication & Media Studies/Journalism at a midwestern university. Her teaching covers a range of topics including: New Communication Technologies, New Media & Society, News Writing, Public Relations Campaigns, Editorial Writing, Technical Communication and Public Relations Writing.

Considering her interest in all aspects of new communication technology, it is not surprising that Dr. Lawson's research interests are varied. Past research projects have explored internet chat rooms as educational tools, emotional expression in internet chat, rules and sanctions in internet chat rooms, internet research ethics, copyright issues relating to internet research, and video games as educational communication.

Dr. Lawson's current research projects include:

  • A longitudinal study of lecturer and student usage, attitudes and expectations regarding new communication technologies in the higher education classroom.
  • A study of the 'C-generation' and their new media use.
  • An exploration of risk management in mass media, during the swine flu 'pandemic' of 2009.
If you would like to contact Dr. Lawson regarding communication consulting services, communication training seminars or her research, please email her at:

Other Interests
When she isn't involved in teaching, consulting or research, Dr. Lawson enjoys playing video games (particularly Sims2 and World of Warcraft -- she makes an excellent elven hunter!). While she is interested in modern technology, her other hobby takes her FAR away from it -- the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA). In the SCA she adopts the persona of a late 15th century Spanish middle class artisan, where she explores weaving, spinning, bobbin lace, cooking and illumination (think scrolls).